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South Shore Paving is a first-class asphalt contractor in Linden, NJ, and has been providing asphalt paving services to businesses and organizations for 14 years. Our team is expertly trained and ready to provide you and your business with services such as asphalt paving, parking lot repair, and more. With well over a decade’s experience in parking lot paving, our team knows how valuable a strong and attractive parking lot is to a business. It can provide a great positive first impression, helping your customer through the door. South Shore Paving prides itself on consistent professionalism and diligence, resulting in top of the line asphalt paving services.


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Linden, NJ Info

Linden, New Jersey is a city located in the southeastern portion of Union County. Although it is located in New Jersey, it is considered a part of the New York Metropolitan Area, as it is only located approximately 13 miles southwest of Manhattan. It is also located near Staten Island, which is one of the famous 5 boroughs of New York City. The population of Linden is about 42,500.


The city was first formed as a township in 1861 and consisted of parts of Elizabeth, Union Township, and Rahway. However, on January 1st, 1925, Linden was finally incorporated by the New Jersey State Legislature. Linden received its name from the linden tree, which was originally brought over by German immigrants.


Linden has a prominent arts and culture scene and is home to venues such as the Raymond Wood Bauer Promenade. The promenade has live music, play genres ranging from jazz to R&B and more. Linda Hayes, a well-known jazz vocalist played the promenade and was from Linden.


Another tourist attraction in Linden, New Jersey is the Hawk Rise Sanctuary, which is large, 95-acre ecological preserve and wetland bird sanctuary that was developed by the New Jersey Audubon Society, as well as the City of Linden. The sanctuary sits on the edge of the Rahway River and was built on the site of a former landfill.


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Sealcoating for a Small Business

While our team is well equipped to complete large-scale asphalt paving jobs, often times smaller jobs are just as gratifying to our crew. A longtime client of ours called in early one morning and after a couple minutes spent catching up, we asked how we could be of assistance. He told us that his small business’ parking lot was in need of a new coat of sealant. He noted that it had been quite some time since his last sealcoating appointment with us and that he wanted to stay on top of his parking lot maintenance. We happily scheduled the job for him on a day when he was scheduled to be closed and wished him a good rest of the day. We sent our team to his property early in the morning, to get a solid start on the job. He met us at the location with a big smile and lots of energy. Having worked with him on a number of occasions, he was well-versed in our sealcoating process and the high-quality asphalt paving materials that we use. While the project was not an extremely work intensive, it was a rewarding job for our entire crew. We took great satisfaction in working with him, as well as someone who properly performs consistent parking lot maintenance. After the completion of the project, we spoke to an excited customer and business owner. We told him that we were just a call away if he had any other asphalt paving needs.


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