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South Shore Paving has been a top paving contractor serving New Brunswick, New Jersey for a decade and a half. Our crew of asphalt paving experts is professionally trained in all things asphalt and concrete. Whether you are looking for a new parking lot installation, sealcoating for your current parking lot, or restriping for your business, South Shore Paving is the trusted asphalt company for you. Give us a call today and let’s get started on your next asphalt or concrete job!

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New Brunswick, New Jersey

New Brunswick is a city located in the U.S. state of New Jersey. It is situated in Middlesex County, in which it serves as the county seat. It is also apart of the New York City Metropolitan Area. One of the main draws of New Brunswick is Rutgers University, a prominent University in New Jersey. It is approximately 27 miles from Manhattan. It has a population of about 57,000 residents and has seen considerable growth within the last decade.

There are a number of important medical locations in New Brunswick. Some of the pertinent points of interest in the city are Sant Peter’s University Hospital, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, as well as Rutgers University, and the State University of New Jersey’s Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Due to the high concentration of medicine and medical facilities in the area, it has been referred to by many as Healthcare City.

New Brunswick is also well known for its cultural and artistic events and locations. Some of the very prominent spots in the area are the Crossroads Theatre which won a Tony Award for being an Outstanding Regional Theatre. Another location that is very popular in the Zimmerli Art Museum. It was founded in 1966.

One of the interesting things about New Brunswick is what was known as “Grease Trucks”. They were food truck vendors that were located in and around Rutgers University. Serving a variety of different local and regional food, they became very popular among students, residents, and visitors to the area.

New Brunswick, New Jersey is a very unique place with a diverse group of residents and locations. South Shore is proud to continue delivering the top of the line asphalt paving services to New Brunswick and its residents.


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Pavement Overlay in New Brunswick

At South Shore Paving we make customer service and attention to detail our top priorities. That is why we have remained a top paving contractor in New Brunswick for over 14 years. Our asphalt professionals get the job done right, each and every time. Our team recently received a request for a quote for parking lot paving in New Brunswick. As a top asphalt company serving New Jersey, we were happy and prepared to assist on the job.  The local client was looking to redo his parking lot. After speaking initially we were able to determine that the parking lot would need a pavement overlay, sealcoating, and restriping.  We then scheduled an appointment in order to visit the site. Once we had arrived at the location, we were able to thoroughly evaluate the parking lot. This allowed us to determine what asphalt services the client would need.  Finally, we provided an honest and fair estimate, detailing the potential budget for the project, as well as the timeline and schedule that would be associated with the job. The client was very satisfied, and we were set to begin work the following week. We arrived at the parking lot bright and early in order to get started. We knew that the first step would be to sweep the parking lot of any debris. We followed that with a pavement overlay. This is when you apply a layer of bituminous asphalt to an existing surface. This revamps the structure of the lot and the overall look. Next, a layer of sealant was applied to the asphalt surface to provide added protection from external chemicals and materials.  Finally, we restriped the lot to the desire of the customer. By the time the parking lot paving was complete, it was nearly brand new. The client was very happy with our work, and that he had chosen the top asphalt paving company in New Jersey.


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