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South Shore Paving has been a top paving contractor in Piscataway for nearly one and a half decades. With a focus on excellent customer service and delivering the best final products, South Shore Paving has set the industry standards for asphalt paving services. Whether you are interested in sealcoating your parking lot or new parking lot installation, South Shore Paving has you covered. Give us a call today and let’s get started on your next asphalt or concrete project!


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Piscataway, New Jersey

Piscataway is located in the U.S. state of New Jersey. Piscataway is considered a township and is located in Middlesex County. The area was originally formed in 1863 but was not formally incorporated into a township until February 1798. The name of the township is thought to have come from the original Native American’s in the area. The natives were from near the Piscataqua River which was located along the border of Maine and New Hampshire. The name is derived from the words peske, meaning branch, and tegwe, meaning tidal river. The area was originally settled by Baptists and Quakers in 1866 after leaving a New Hampshire Puritan based colony.

The township of Piscataway is host to a number of advanced research and educational facilities. Rutgers University is located in the area and its main campus is partially in the Piscataway Township. The Rutgers Scarlet Knights football team plays it’s home games in Piscataway at High Point Solutions Stadium. The Robert Wood Johnson Medical School of Rutgers University is also located within the township.

There are a number of points of interest located in the Piscataway Township. Some of the most popular locations are the Cornelius Low House Museum, Ferrer Colony and Moden School and Fellowship Farm Cooperative Association, WVPH Radio Station, and the Road Up Raritan Historic District. Many of these locations are popular among residents, as well as visitors of the region.

In 2008, Piscataway was ranked as the 23rd best place to live in the United States of America and was ranked 27th in 2014. Both of these rankings came from Money Magazine. The Piscataway Township is a wonderful place for residents to live, and visitors to experience. At South Shore Paving we are proud to continue serving Piscataway as a top paving contractor.

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Piscataway Pothole Patching

South Shore Paving has made it a goal to remain the top paving contractor serving Piscataway. For fourteen years, our asphalt paving experts have provided the best services to Piscataway and its residents. With customer service, workmanship, and diligence as core components of our business, you will be satisfied with South Shore Paving as your asphalt paving company. Our crew recently received an urgent request for asphalt repair in Piscataway, New Jersey. The client who had called was a previous client who we had performed prior parking lot paving for. He began to explain to us that a large pothole had formed in his parking lot. He was worried about the safety of customers visiting his store. He didn’t want them to experience any vehicle damage as they entered and exited his parking lot. After gathering more information, we let him know that we would be able quickly to provide parking lot repair. We visited the parking lot the following day to determine the type of pothole patching that would be required. After examining the extent of the damage and the location, we determined that a simple digout patching would be the best course of action. This solution allows for the removal of severely broken pieces of asphalt down to the aggregate base. They are then replaced with new asphalt, leveling out the hole with the rest of the surrounding asphalt surface. This was the most effective and efficient asphalt repair method for this particular problem. We also performed some crack sealing throughout the parking lot in order to reduce further asphalt damage. If you are looking for asphalt paving services ranging from new parking lot installation to sealcoating, make sure to give us a call. South Shore Paving is the asphalt company in Piscataway that you can always trust.


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