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Businesses and organizations know that providing a durable, fresh, and maintained parking lot is important for first appearances. Since 2004, South Shore Paving has been a premier asphalt contractor servicing Roseland. From a quality first impression to leaving a lasting impression, South Shore Paving has the craftsmanship, dedication, and know how to complete any asphalt paving job. Our team has extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of asphalt paving services. Whether you need a brand new parking lot or are in need of a quick pothole patching, our team is ready. Give us a call today for a free estimate!


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Roseland, NJ Info

Roseland, New Jersey is considered a borough in western part of Essex County. The borough being relatively small, only has a population of approximately 5,885 residents. Roseland was
incorporated as a city in New Jersey on March 10th, 1908, consisting of parts of the Livingston Township. While it is one of the least populous cities in New Jersey, it was ranked as the 7th best place to live in 2015 by New Jersey Monthly magazine.


The area containing Roseland was part of the Horseneck Tract. The Horseneck Tract was a portion of land consisting of current cities in New Jersey, that was originally land belonging to the Lenni Lenape Native Americans. The 14,000 acres of land was purchased in 1702 from the Native American tribe, for goods. Today the land encompasses most of western Essex County, from the Passaic River to the First Mountain.


One of the most popular historic locations in the Roseland borough is the Becker Farm Railroad. This small railroad operated from the late 1930’s up until the early 1970’s. The railroad ran on the Becker Farm, which spanned almost half the area of Roseland. While some remains of the old railroad still remain, the area has become a large complex for businesses and organizations.


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Parking Lot for Retail Store

Our team recently received a call from a retail store in need of parking lot paving in Roseland. The owner informed us that he was in the process of opening a new location. While the store was coming along nicely, he had decided that he also needed an asphalt contractor to redo the parking lot. We met the store owner at his new location later that week to provide him with an estimate for the job. After a thorough inspection of the project, we delivered a detailed estimate, outlining the costs for the entire parking lot paving project, and the projected schedule. He was extremely impressed with the initial work that we performed, and we agreed to start work the following week. As we began work we knew exactly the necessary steps to take in order to provide the best-finished product for our customer. We prepared the site by grading it, creating a level surface for the base layer of asphalt to rest on. This creates an immensely strong foundation for the asphalt and helps to avoid future problems. We followed that with our hot mix. Our final steps were inspecting the entire lot and mark it effectively for customer’s use. After we had completed the job, we checked back with the business owner and were pleased to see how satisfied he was with our work. We left the job with a sense of pride knowing that our first-class work helped South Shore Paving remain a top paving contractor in Roseland.


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