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South Shore Paving has remained a premier asphalt contractor serving Staten Island, NY, for over a decade.  Through continued quality customer service and expert knowledge of asphalt paving, we have set a standard for all parking lot paving services. Our team at South Shore Paving is dedicated to providing our customers with strong, fresh looking asphalt on every project. For the last ten years we have provided Staten Island with services ranging from parking lot paving to sealcoating, and everything in between.


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Staten Island, NY Info

Staten Island, New York is one of the five boroughs of New York City, New York.  It is located in Richmond County and is the southernmost portion of both New York City and the state of New York.  The island is separated from New York by the New York Bay, and from New Jersey by the Kill Van Kull and the Arthur Kill, two well known tidal straits.  Staten Island has a population of 476,015, with over 8,000 residents per square mile and is the smallest of all of the five boroughs.


Staten Island has a very diverse and interesting wildlife population.  The wildlife that populates the island ranges from animals such as the white-tailed deer to bald eagles, hawks, and turkeys.  It also has less known animal populations of horseshoe crabs, opossums, newts, leopard frogs, and more. The parkland consists of thousands of acres of local, state, and federal parkland. The main wildlife attraction of Staten Island is the Gateway National Recreation Area, which is over 26,000 acres and consists of Swinburne Island, Hofman island, Fort Wadsworth, Miller Field, and the Great Kills Park.


There is also an immensely rich film history in Staten Island and has been a filming location for well-known movies such as Big Daddy, Donnie Brasco, The Godfather, Goodfellas, and War of the Worlds.  As well as film, Staten Island is a popular place for musicians, artists, and other creatives, as it provides easy transit to Manhattan, with affordable living space.


The Historic Richmond Town is a living history village located on Staten Island.  At the Historic Richmond Village tourists and visitors can examine the diverse American Experience that has taken place in Staten Island and the surrounding areas. The island also contains the Staten Island Zoo which was built in 1933, which contained the world’s most extensive rattlesnake collection with 39 different types of rattlesnake.


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Staten Island Asphalt Repair Project

Even the best-laid asphalt will need professional asphalt repairs eventually. For asphalt repair projects on Staten Island NY, South Shore Paving is the go-to asphalt contractor. When it’s time to restore parking lots or roads, we’re ready to repair asphalt problems like cracks, rutting, surface damage, and more.

Staten Island Asphalt Repair Services

Over time, asphalt pavement can break down due to water, sunlight, and the pressure of tires. This creates damage, which requires professional repair to get your parking lot back to full function. Here’s how damage develops and what can be done about it.

Types of Asphalt Damage

  • Cracks – There are many different kinds of cracks from alligator cracking to transverse cracking, but the most common culprits for asphalt cracks are UV rays, freezing and thawing water, and stress.
  • Potholes – These patches of deteriorated pavement form when damage is localized to one spot and allowed to worsen over time. If the damage gets down into the subbase, it can affect the integrity of the nearby pavement.
  • Rutting & Depressions – When asphalt is worn away by tires in certain spots, it can lead to rutting. Depressions in the asphalt surface can also form when pavement layers collapse underneath the asphalt surface.

Most Common Asphalt Repair Solutions in NY and NJ

  • Asphalt Patch Repairs – This is a common way to repair potholes, as the affected pavement is completely removed and replaced with a patch of new asphalt.
  • Asphalt Milling & Resurfacing – When there’s lots of surface damage, milling & resurfacing is a process whereby specialized paving equipment grinds away the top layers and then a new surface layer is poured overtop.
  • Asphalt Replacement – When the damage goes too deep or covers more than a third of the pavement area, complete removal and repaving is necessary.

South Shore Paving: Asphalt Repair Experts for Staten Island Property Owners

In Staten Island NY, South Shore Paving is the trusted paving contractor for asphalt repairs because we have the latest, state-of-the-art equipment to quickly restore broken commercial pavement or parking lots. Whatever your pavement repair needs on Staten Island NY, South Shore Paving is here for you! Call us today for a no-obligation consultation!

Lifespan of Asphalt Paving on Staten Island NY

In Staten Island NY, South Shore Paving is the trusted company for asphalt parking lot services. We’re here to install your asphalt parking lot right so it lasts as long as possible, but we can also extend the lifespan of asphalt paving on Staten Island NY with targeted asphalt repair solutions.

What is the lifespan of an asphalt parking lot?

Asphalt pavement that has been correctly installed by professional paving contractors can last for up to thirty years, but the typical lifespan of asphalt paving on Staten Island NY and other areas depends on a lot of different factors.

Asphalt Damage Types

  • Cracking – Cracks develop in the pavement due to weather, oxidation, temperature changes, and traffic wear. Your local paving contractor will fill in cracks and seal them over with proven crack repair methods.
  • Rutting – Ruts or depressions on your asphalt surface can be very dangerous to drivers, but asphalt repair services like asphalt milling and resurfacing can smooth them over.
  • Potholes – When cracks develop into potholes, it’s important to get professional pothole repair services like asphalt patching before the damage affects other areas of pavement.

How to Extend the Lifespan of Asphalt Paving

In addition to the repair methods listed above, there are other asphalt paving services that can make your NY asphalt pavement last longer.
  • Sealcoating – Asphalt seal coating is the number one way to keep your asphalt pavement in good repair for as long as possible. This service applies a thin layer of specially mixed asphalt over the surface to protect it from causes of damage.
  • Asphalt Resurfacing – When there are several areas of shallow asphalt damage, resurfacing services, including asphalt milling and overlay, remove and replace the surface layer to give your asphalt parking lot on Staten Island NY new life.

Quality Asphalt Paving in Staten Island NY: South Shore Paving

Pavement is a huge component of your property values, so you need asphalt that will stay beautiful for as long as possible.

Local Staten Island Asphalt Repair Project

At South Shore Paving, we are a leading paving contractor working in Staten Island, NY. For many years we have delivered expert paving services to citizens and businesses in Staten Island. Our crews are trained in the most effective and efficient paving practices. We utilize state of the art equipment and work hard on every project. Therefore, if you are in need of parking lot paving or sealcoating, South Shore Paving has you covered. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you with your next asphalt project.

A local business owner recently contacted our crew. The business owner was in need of asphalt repair in Staten Island. We recognized the name of the business from being close to the South Shore Paving shop. We spoke with the owner to gather the pertinent information. The client explained that a large pothole had developed in his parking lot. While the pothole was located in only one parking spot, it reduced the total number of spaces for customers. He was concerned about the safety of his customers and their vehicles. We recommended addressing the pothole repair promptly to avoid further issues. As a result, our team scheduled to visit the job site the following afternoon.

Pothole Repair Work Begins

Upon arrival, we quickly discovered the pothole. We spoke with the client and provided an accurate estimate for the asphalt repair work. As a result, he accepted and was relieved to fix his parking lot surface. Our team quickly got to work fixing the asphalt damage. We made sure to keep the parking lot accessible for our client’s customers. As a result, the client would be able to keep his business open during repairs.

Our team finished the pothole repair job within the afternoon. The client told us how happy he was to have worked with our team. He thanked us for our professionalism and customer service throughout the project. Above all, our crew knew they had provided another Staten Island business with excellent paving services.

Quick Parking Lot Repair for Long Time Client

A long time customer of ours called in early one week, requesting our parking lot repair services. While he had performed the necessary maintenance steps, wear and tear on his parking lot had resulted in a large pothole near the entrance. Parking lots, providing a first impression for businesses, are important to repair quickly and effectively. This provides a safe driving surface for customers, and makes for a positive appearance.

Being familiar with the client, and the location, our team was quickly able to provide our client with a quick and detailed estimate for the job. After receiving confirmation, our crew was scheduled for a day in which the business was set to be closed. The morning of the job, our crew prepped for asphalt patching and crack sealing.

(p>After arriving at the location, it was evident that the pothole had formed from the evolution of smaller cracks. After a quick examination of the current state of the lot, our team began work. After the completion of the parking lot patching and crack sealing, the customer was happy to have a revitalized parking lot for his customers to use. After a hard days work, the satisfaction of the customer, provided our crew with a sense of pride.



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