Sealcoating is one of the most popular methods for increasing the longevity of paved surfaces. Over time, these surfaces dry out and eventually crack, making them vulnerable to the elements. Even the tiniest of cracks will grow larger as the asphalt expands and contracts whenever the temperature fluctuates, and if not addressed right away, costly re-paving may be needed. However, periodic maintenance through sealcoating can help preserve the integrity of the asphalt and save you a considerable amount of money over the long term. In fact, it has been estimated that applying asphalt sealcoating once every couple of years will result in cost savings in the neighborhood of 65 percent. South Shore Paving can help you begin saving that kind of money right away. We are trusted local asphalt paving experts with a reputation for providing superior workmanship at competitive prices, and we are pros at sealcoating.

Customers choose us because we:
  • Use only high quality asphalt paving materials in conjunction with industry “best practices” followed by road and parking lot surfacing professionals nationwide
  • Provide maintenance consultation services so our customers can anticipate when the work is going to need to be done and how much it will cost.
  • Make ourselves available 24/7 for emergency asphalt repair, including sinkholes.
  • Offer a 1-year warranty on all of our paving and blacktop sealing materials and labor, so if there is a problem we’ll come out right away and fix it at no charge in most instances.

  • If you sealcoat your asphalt now, you will be doing your parking lot – and your budget – a huge favor. Sealcoating is a proven method of repairing paved surfaces that will keep your investment from aging prematurely.


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